What Are Healthy Fats?

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Wait a second! Are fats healthy? Don’t fats make me fat? Does eating food with high cholesterol like eggs increase cholesterol? Of course, the answer is “NO”. Dietary fats and cholesterol do not mean biological fat and cholesterol. Not all fats are healthy, but we have made it easy for your Load Day! Load Up Day is everyone’s favorite stage and is only ONE day long. Eat whatever you want on this day, but make sure you get in two or three healthy fats.

In fact, we have listed them for you with what is best to good. Top of the list is our preference for you to eat as they are the healthiest fats for your body.

Healthy Fats

Coconut Oil - Never had it before? Get some today. You will love it and so will your body! Coconut oil increase your metabolic rate while lowering your bad cholesterol and raising your good cholesterol.


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Avocado - Do you like guacamole? Have some today! A great healthy fat full of vitamin E, folate and loads of protein.

Grass Fed Butter - No, this is not butter that eats grass. This is butter made from a cow that was grass fed. For better brain function, eat grass-fed butter that has loads of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These properties will also help reduce inflammation.

Raw Nuts

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Raw Nuts - Don’t get the cooked ones! Roasted nuts tend to be cooked in hydrogenated oils which are not good for your body. Cook them at home if you like a good roasted nut. The best nuts are almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, and pecans. Peanuts, legumes, and cashews may not be the best source of healthy fats, but may be eating on this stage.


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Fish - Salmon and Ahi tuna are the “go to” ones here. If you are a sushi lover, indulge during load day and go get a nice Ahi tuna tower with some salmon sushi. These fish are some of the best sources for DHA, which supports brain function as well as offering a nice dose of antioxidants. Make sure your fish are wild caught!

Olive Oil

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Olive Oil - Not the best to cook with, but throw it on a salad and it’s a home run! Loaded with antioxidants, olive oils is great for protecting against heart disease.

Grass Fed Beef - Yes! Grass fed is important. NO! It is not the same as organic! Organic means that it was not fed genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or food sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Grass fed means that the cow was left in the pasture to eat grass the way the animal was created to thrive. Grass-fed beef is not as carcinogenic as corn-fed beef. Even if the corn is organic.

Buffalo - AKA Bison - This stuff is awesome! If you haven’t tried buffalo, it is available at most grocery stores and is fabulous. Most buffalo are grass-fed. This is a practicality more than anything. It is a little more challenging with a buffalo. They tend to get a little feisty when they are confined in small quarters. Buffalo tend to be grass-fed due to the economics of the industry.

Happy Egg

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Eggs - Free range, of course! Do you want to find eggs from free range chickens that are cheaper than buying mass processed ones at the grocery store? Find a local farmer that sells eggs. They are often organic, too. The local farmer didn't pay hundreds of thousand dollars to get the “organic” stamp on his chicken’s effs. So, you don’t have to pay for them either!

Source: Life With Vitality, LLC 2018.

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