Connecting With Your Body: A Real Talk With Dr. CJ Benkert

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In the social media age, people care a lot about how they look. As a Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine, I’m more concerned about how people feel. If they want to feel pretty, I want to help them feel it from the inside out. That’s why for the past 25 years I’ve dedicated my life to Natural Medicine and honoring the power of the body to heal itself.

When someone is not feeling their best self, most of the times it has to do with their energy level. In my practice, I’ve been teaching people how to eat according to what their body needs. What I’ve seen as a result? It’s just incredible! I’ve helped diabetics reverse their condition and no longer need medication. We’ve even had 85-year-olds get into their 20s metabolically! I’ve also helped people who were on thyroid medication for 25+ years, no longer need the medication, because now the body is healthy and the hormones are working correctly.. It’s so rewarding to have my clients share with me about their lifestyle changes and ongoing progress.

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One of them has lost 50 pounds in one round of our natural holistic weight loss program. He’s now committed to losing another 30 pounds by the end of the year for his family trip to Cabo.

Each person is different and has a different motivation. It can be enjoying their time with their grandchildren, having the energy to practice their favorite sports, or just preventing diseases. I have the pleasure of working with all of them with success.

Part of what I do is to guide people to disconnect from their phones and connect with their bodies. Making conscious decisions when eating and drinking is the key to living a better life. There are many resources and techniques that I use in my practice to help people to be healthier.

Zyto Tech

Zyto Tech

At PuraVida Wellness, we use Galvanic Skin Response & Quantum Reflex analysis - one of the most advanced technologies in the market, to understand what your body needs. No matter if you suffer from weight loss resistance, hormonal imbalances, thyroid conditions, diabetes, or even cancer, the most important thing is to address these problems at the cellular level.

That’s why I combine advanced technology with ancient practices, such as fasting, meditation, and aromatherapy to help people to live their best life for a long, long time.

By: Dr. Cynthia Benkert
Originally published at Radiance Magazine

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